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Hawaiian Scuba Shack

Local Rates

Our In Store Pricing

• Air Fills •
Single Air Fillsadd $1.00 for fills over 3000 PSI$5.00 each
• Instruction •
Open Water ClassIncludes all equipment, full PADI certification. Priced when 2 weeks scheduling for class. Faster classes available. Call for schedules and pricing. ** NOTE: The customer assumes any and all responsibility to complete any reserved or otherwise negotiated PADI certification course. Any incomplete certification class shall be billed to the customer at the full complete course amount.$495.00
• Daily Equipment Rentals •
Buoyancy Compensator$11.00 per day
Dive Boot$2.00 per day
Dive Computer$10.00 per day
FinsSCUBA Split Fins - $7.00 additional$3.00 per day
MaskPrescription Mask - $7.50 additional$2.50 per day
Regulator$11.00 per day
Snorkel$1.00 per day
Snorkeling Outfit - complete
(mask, fins & snorkel)
when accompanying SCUBA rental$5.00 per day
Tank, Regulator, BCD
and Weights
6th and 7th days free per week of rental$32.00 per day
Weight$3.00 per day
Wet Suit$7.00 per day
• Nitrox Fills •
Single Nitrox Filladd $5.00 for fills over 3000 PSI$10.00 each
• Tank Rentals •
Air Tank - DailyFirst Air Fill included
(additional Fills charged as listed above)
$8.00 per day
Air Tank - WeeklyFirst Air Fill included additional fill extra
(all Fills charged as listed above)
$25.00 per week
Nitrox Tank - DailyFirst Fill included
(additional Fills charged as listed above)
$14.00 per day
• Trips •
2 Tank boat scuba tripIncludes ALL gear, food, drink, day or night dives. Reservations required as we only take up to 6 divers per trip. Any reservations must be cancelled at least 24hrs before show up time and date so spaces can be taken by other divers. Max of 6 divers on our 28" vessel.$149.00
Snorkeling tour, whale dolphin watch tripsFood, drink, gear all provided. 6 passenger max half day$139.00