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Hawaiian Scuba Shack

Welcome to The Hawaiian Scuba Shack! (808) 331-8708


On our boat we limit the maximum number of guests to six on our diver friendly vessel. We never charge anything extra for BCD, regulator, wet suit, mask, or fins. We have a full stock of prescription masks as well.  So you can travel light leaving more room in your bags while traveling.  Our regulators are all adjustable with dive computers. When scuba diving we use state of the art high pressure scuba cylinders. This means you can take off 4 to 5 pounds from your scuba unit. Also since you tank is shorter than an aluminum 80 it will not be felt behind your head or lower back. Only soft weights are used.  We bring your scuba gear to you while you are seated at the stern to roll right into the water with no need to stand up. Food, beverage towels and fleece lined hooded jackets are offered on board. We are tech diver and side mount diver friendly. Our store is open every day from 8:00 to 5:00 for your convenience.


Discover why the Kona coast waters receive such high ratings and reviews from divers world-wide. We have the best rates for rental of gear and free information on great shore dives. See our local Shore Diving locations by clicking here. We stock stage bottles, doubles, rebreather tanks, and mixes to 100% O₂. Looking for colorful fish? Looking for large creatures? Turtles, rays and pelagic fish often drift by – just an arm’s length away. And when you come up we offer towels and fleece lined hooded jackets.


We offer all levels of training courses. Allow us to escort you to a new, wondrous and different world. An underwater habitat alive with vivid colors, shapes, textures and creatures. A world where the roles you play takes on a new dimension. Come and go on an adventure with us and escape to a peaceful place to renew your energy and excite your senses. We do offer Introductory Dives for anyone interested in trying SCUBA diving. You can find those details under the “Dive Courses” section. Introductory dives are available as shore dives only. You can choose to become a PADI open water certified diver in as little as three days.


Our manta ray night dive is Kona’s most popular dive! Snorkelers are also welcome. This is where we really work hard to excel in presenting our world famous manta ray night dive. We set up the brightest lights that will enable your video and photos to come out perfect even with no strobe or light of your own. We even present ultraviolet and infra-red lighting to display natural underwater fluorescent luminescence of corals and other life underwater at night. Our underwater scenery acquires a completely different dimension when you experience night diving in Hawaii. It will definitely be a memorable and exciting experience! Ho’olu komo la kaua. Mahalo nui loa.

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